Jean-Claude Trans/Am is a rocktronica band from Connecticut, mixing electronic and organic instruments to create a blend of ambient soundscapes, interstellar post-rock, and high-velocity jam sequences. The resulting retro-futuristic landscape is a continuously evolving, deep and winding sonic adventure, reminiscent of sci-fi movie soundtracks mixed with the raw emotional power of modern jam-rock.

Influences? Imagine if Medeski Martin and Wood, The Edge, EITS, and Tangerine Dream got together to re-score the soundtrack to Blade Runner. Add Brian Eno as producer and that would about sum it up.

With exploration as the primary goal, each Jean-Claude Trans/Am performance is guaranteed to be unique and engaging. Aside from the limitless improvisational capabilities of their live set up, the band also draws from a compelling arsenal of original material and re-imaginings of classic covers. The band is consistently looking to push the boundaries of live performance, driving themselves, their instruments and technology to invent new sounds, textures, musical ideas and connections.

The band primarily consists of James Anderson on drums and bass, and Matt Splain on the guitar, synths, and vocals, with frequent special guests from the talented CT music community.


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  • 11-21-2015 Sullys Pub, Hartford CT
  • 1-15-2016 Downright Music, Collinsville CT
  • 1-29-2016 Sullys Pub, Hartford CT
  • 2-16-2016 Cafe 9, New Haven CT
  • 3-24-2016 33 Golden, New London CT
  • 4-8-2016 Crown & Hammer, Collinsville CT
  • 4-15-2016 Maple Tree Cafe, Simsbury CT
  • 4-28-2016 Interview on WNHU
  • 6-4-2016 Crown & Hammer, Collinsville CT
  • 6-16-2016 Stella Blues, New Haven CT
  • 7-15-2016 Toads, New Haven CT
  • 7-19-2016 Shrine, New York NY
  • 7-30-2016 33 Golden, New London CT
  • 8-20-2016 Crown & Hammer, Collinsville CT
  • 9-1-2016 PA's Lounge, Boston MA
  • 9-3-2016 Cafe 9, New Haven CT
  • 9-10-2016 Private Party, Canton CT
  • 9-18-2016 Ball & Socket Arts, Cheshire CT
  • 9-18-2016 Millwright's, Simsbury CT
  • 10-7-2016 Crown & Hammer, Collinsville CT
  • 11-25-2016 Crown & Hammer, Collinsville CT

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